Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Let us Facilitate Your Meeting & Remove The Stress!

We will:

  • Book meeting facility
  • Invite mandated participants
  • Collect and organize your data
  • Organize and facilitate meeting
  • Present your club as a responsible, compliant, and caring member of the community
  • Provide a professional knowledgeable presenter
  • Provide a meeting summary report and suggestions for the following year
  • Incorporate a positive IPM message
  • Create an opportunity to promote your course

You will:

  • Save valuable time
  • Improve your image with your neighbours and the public
  • Eliminate public presentation stress
  • Know that your IPM commitment is met
  • Be able to focus on your core tasks
  • Be compliant and avoid any potential penalties

Your Neighbours will:

  • Get answers to their questions
  • Understand that you are applying chemicals appropriately and responsibly
  • Understand that golf courses are good for the environment (and their property values)

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